Friday, February 18, 2005


The Virtues of, “Not Taking A Side”

I recently had a 15 year old student offer a semantic example of the slang phrase, “____ makes me sick.” The example could have been, "bad perfume," bad movies, a teacher, or "having to do homework." No, the example she gave was, “George Bush makes me sick.” Ain’t that classic. I had to wonder why George Bush makes a 15 year old Japanese girl “sick,” I mean, if she was going to pick a political figure, are there not plenty of examples of ruthless, cruel, and oppressive dictators to choose from? Kim Jong Il stands poised rather closely to this girls homeland, running a prison state, trafficking drugs and counterfeit money, and lording over a police state that may someday choose to annihilate Tokyo, but if you really want to be sick, there’s always the guy from Texas who “walks with a swagger” and is consistently not nice to Islamo-fascists.

Parroting a limp hatred for George Bush (and vicariously, America in general) is known by some as, “not taking a side.” Literally, siding with the world of dictators is, “not taking a side.”

In our bizarre period of shallow values and appraisals you will often hear that Bush removed two dictatorships from terror-land, “for oil” or you’ll be reminded that America is evil, wrong, or "stupid.” In virtually the same breath it will often be conveyed by those who regularly make such statements that they, “are not taking a side.” No, they’re above that – too smart, too morally objective, they “see all sides.”

How can one view a violent confrontation between free society and totalitarianism and claim one is not taking a side (while only criticizing the democratic one)?

Why should anyone be concerned about such things? After all, aren’t there "two sides" in the conflict between freedom and oppression?

If you, your family, or your country were under attack, would you want these slick sophisticate weasels on your side anyway?

...just another pathetic charade from the folks who brought you; The French "Revolution," The Soviet Gulag, and the "Post-Modern" neo-Marxist college course.

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